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History is dying.

If we want future generations to know history, we must remember it first to transfer this knowledge to our children. Reading historical works and books is boring for many of us, therefore, re-enactments of the most significant battles and other interactive events are the things stimulating our interest in history. Besides it, visiting these activities is a good way to expand our background knowledge, have a good time and meet new people. We are sure that youth would be happy to attend such events, but they are buried in assignments. Of course, the opportunity to buy a thesis online or get rid of the need to do any other complicated assignment isn't a secret for students, but they are afraid of reprimand. Educators are against professional assistance of any kind, but you shouldn't be afraid of them. If you're a student, please, try to trust your performance to an expert, and you'll be surprised at how your life will change. You deserve to have free time, and expert writers will be glad to help you.

Although it is, and will always remain, in the past, our history is becoming less well known as time passes. Children of a school age learn less and less about what has shaped our country and why we are the proud people that we are, or at least should be.

Time is a healer of great wounds, but at the same time it can bury those wounds in years of misinterpretation and ignorance. Re-enactors of all ages, wether it is Medieval or Tudor, Viking or Civil War, do not want this to happen. Our history has made us, and it should not die.

So we do something about it. In this case we re-enact the Battle Of Mortimers Cross, a turning point in history, that if it had not happened would have changed so much that we know and love these days.

You can find out more about the history of the Battle Of Mortimers Cross over on our History page, but suffice to say that we bring this event back to life every year, both as a fun day out for the family and as a learning experience for all.

Come and see what the battle was all about and how it would have felt and sounded to be there (only on a smaller scale). Feel the excitement and share the pains, all in a safe and family friendly enviroment.

Our 2012 event was a spectacular show and immense fun was had by all. Thank you to everyone that came along, and we hope to see you all in 2013 (dates to be announced).

We are also proud to say that for 2012 (and hopefully for years to come) the Battle Of Mortimers Cross took place in the grounds of Hampton Court, Herefordshire. This beautiful 15th Century castle and gardens is a testament to the history that we stand for, and is situated on the banks of the River Lugg, whose waters would have flowed red with blood from the battle itself.

For more details on Hampton Court, Herefordshire, please visit our Hampton Court page. Alternativel you can visit the Official Hampton Court, Herefordshire website.

Over the weekend we had:

Re-enactments of the Battle Of Mortimers Cross;
Living History;
Childrens' activities;
Medieval Traders;
Have-A-Go Archery;
And lots more.

14th/15th September, 2013

Hampton Court,
Hope under Dinmore,
Finding Us

Battle orders are called...

Medieval traders working hard...

Dancing up a storm...