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Dragons Of Alchemy

Alchemy offers a delicious range of family entertainments and activities, tempting to the tastes of castles, country parks, medieval fairs, street events and festivals of all kinds.

This year the Dragons Of Alchemy will be entertaining with a range of dragon-based activities, including walkabout with little dragons, the dragon procession and dragon stories.

Mark Tierney - Curias Creatures

Snakes, spiders, lizards, etc. and facepainting.

The Querkes Of Faite

The Querkes of Faite are a five strong band, they play music from the 13th to the 17th Centuries. They have performed at such prestigious venues as Cardiff Castle and Chepstow Castle , and will be performing as strolling minstrals on both days.

Cassandra Clark - Medieval Author
(author not currently going to be present at event)

"..this is the time of the scandalous Lady Katharine Swynford and the lecherous and ambitious Duke of Lancaster, a time when the ten year old "beautiful boy" as King Richard II is known, wears the Crown of England, when Chaucer is writing about the wife of Bath in the Canterbury Tales, and the country is divided by the social upheaval of the Peasants Revolt of 1381." - Taken from the authors website.

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Battle orders are called...

Medieval traders working hard...

Dancing up a storm...